If you want to stay positive and excited throughout the day, If you want to bring back a ton of passion and help you boost your motivation, you need to have an early morning preparation ritual. 

By doing and engaging in these 7 self transforming habits consistently during your morning training period, you will experience dazzling results at what you do-as well as in other dimensions of your life.

This is the time to reset yourself. To reconnect with your core values. It's your personal period to work on your mind, strengthen your body, nourish your emotional life, and fuel your spiritual soul. And I strongly urge you to begin your personal self transforming hour at five a.m. every day. 

 Here's what I suggest you should do every morning if you are really serious about unleashing your true power and awakening your inner leader so that you begin to see amazing results in your outer life (I mean in your professional and work life). 

7 Self Transforming habits that will change your life forever, if you start doing them from today are:

1. Learning: Why do people like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and other highly successful people read books. It's because the more you learn the better you become and of course, you'll earn more money as well. 

Reading is like having a conversation with the author. And conversations shape and inspire us (if they are wise conversations). Read from books that will inspire you, boost your thoughts, and remind you of the examples of the greatest leaders of our world. 

Also, listen to audio books on subjects ranging from business excellence to personal brilliance. And you can listen to one of your favorite books for Free by visiting here - Listen To Your Favorite book for Free (Only for New Members).

In my previous post, I have provided a list of 100 books to read by the end of this decade, visit here - 100 Books that will help you thrive in your life.

2. Exercise: Doing something physical each day boosts brain function, fuels far higher energy levels, helps you manage stress more effectively, and keeps you in the game of life longer. I've been exercising daily for a while now, no matter what. This is the number one secret of healthy people.

3. Goal Setting: Have you ever drove your car without knowing the location of the place, No, right? I mean you don't want to sound like you're the most free person on the planet. Then why are you doing it with your life? Why are you moving in any direction without knowing where you are going. Set clear goals because goal setting creates a fantastic amount of focus in career and within life.

Goals generate hope and positive energy. And when you experience stressed out - and we all do from time to time- clearly articulated goals offer you a clear direction to move ahead. 

4. Nutrition: What you eat determines how well you'll perform. Your life is influenced by your diet. By eating like a winner, your energy will remain at the peak and your moods will stay positive. Please also remember that by eating less food you'll be able to do better work. Pay attention to what you're eating.

5. Journaling: If you want to simplify your life, your thoughts, and your inner world then writing in a journal would be a perfect way for you. Writing in a journal is a remarkably strong way to become a clearer thinker, to build massive amounts of self-awareness, and to record your intended outcomes. 

Your journal is like your new friend with whom you can share your insights, feelings, hopes, and dreams. Writing your frustrations, fears, and your problems in a journal will help you to know yourself better and reconnect with all the talent within you.

6. Visualization: Just imagine that today you'll get a gift from your father. Did you see the image of the gift? It's because the mind works through pictures. All outer achievements begin within the mind. All progress you make is nothing more than invisible creativity made visible. 

So during your personal development hour, make time to close your eyes and-- like any successful people do, envision yourself realizing your goals, working at your plans, and fully driving yourself to awaken your true powers.

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7. Affirmations: One of the single best ways to rescript limiting beliefs and failure programs within your mind is through the consistent repetition of positive statements about the leader you want to become and the achievements you commit to accomplishing.

For example, repeating sentences like "Today is going to be the best day of my life" a number of times at the beginning of your day will create the mind-set of someone whose day is going to be great. Always affirm positive and practical sentences.

As a thank you for reading to this point, you get a bonus.


Repeat Daily: "Repetition is the mother of learning." It's easy to do these 7 self transforming habits when everything is going your way but the real growth happens when things fall apart. The most common way people give up doing self transforming habits is by thinking they can't do them.

Just remember, if you neglect doing even one of these 7 self-transforming habits regularly, mediocrity will start to settle in, and an enemy called 'average' will become your constant companion. So engage yourself in them consistently every single day.

Conclusion: Get up an hour early every day and spend these first sixty minutes in self-development. This your morning ritual to stay focused, positive, and excited as the day goes. It's a regular preparation you should give yourself for preparation and practice.

Just like pro athletes train daily so they win on the playing field, this is your private/personal time to prepare and practice, so you're at your absolute best once you step onto the playing field of business when you get to work. 

Reference: Notes are taken from - The Leader Who Had No Title. Get it now or Listen to it for free. (Only for new members)

A lot of love for you, support for your journey, and respect for your time.

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